Election Day 2015

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015
Election Day 2015

So I voted today and gave my sticker to Stink. Unfortunately the ballot offered only two “elections”, both for uncontested incumbents.

Although I realize that polls differ across districts, I still find the notion contemptible that this day embodies democracy in any meaningful sense.

Yes, it’s not cool to obsess about politics, but given the consistent lack of choices in our current political process – let alone our inability to decide the very matters of freedom and justice on which we can vote – the conversations that we have in between these “election” days, those moments in which we engage each other in honest, articulated argument, in fact provide us with our closest glimpses of democracy.

In other words, we’re foolish to expect the system to change itself for the better. At least in conversation we have our own voice, and we can learn from each other, and we can make our own decisions. In booths we really don’t have a voice. In booths we cannot learn from each other. In booths we cannot make our own decisions.